Victory, sweet victory.

Hi all, I am back at it with a second post. Wasn’t sure how well my first one would turn out but heck, 94 views around the world?  I sure can’t stop now.  I mentioned last week that I was a huge Fantasy Football fan, Reigning 2015 Champion (no biggie), and I had a tough week coming up.  Results? Winner.  Of course.  HA! I am kidding, but am I?  That sounds conceited.  I even made some rookie mistakes, benching C. Michael for W. Fuller (never trust a rookie too early in the game) – yea, yea he had a tremendous two week stretch, topping 100 receiving yards per game; how do you not start a player like that? Well, I underestimated the Patriots, whoops.  Do you blame me? They are on their like fifth quarterback whom are no-namers to most, they almost lost to the Cardinals in the season opener (they are not as good as people thought they’d be. Let’s just flash back to the Bills-mafia DOMINATION) and had too close of a game against the Dolphins for me to give them ‘Superbowl bound’ credit for.  Besides the point, W. Fuller didn’t do shit for me this week and of course that had to be the TNF game and make me sweat for a hot minute until I could redeem myself on Sunday.

Let’s fast forward to Sundays games.  Chargers, you blew it.  Shocking.  Again, a team that cannot stay healthy for the life of them; HOW THE HECK DO YOU LOSE THREE KEY PLAYERS IN THREE GAMES TO THREE NON-CONTACT INJURIES!? And I have to mention Henry’s awesome wide open catch during the last minute for an epic comeback when he decided to literally toss the ball right into the Colt’s safety’s hands and give throw away the game …

Sorry for the rant. Back to the main topic of discussion, Sunday’s games that actually meant something to my fantasy squad: Shall we start with C. Newton? I mean, I don’t think anyone expected Vikings D to go off that strong against a solid Panther’s offense (please note, I drafted the Vikings defense and kept them on my bench, let the tears roll as they rack up 25 fantasy points) while I watch C. Hyde run all over the “stellar” – so I thought, Seattle D, kill me. Besides having my benched players take off, stack up the points and be nothing but meaningless to me at that point, D. Murray and D. Johnson got into a groove (thank god) and  D. Bryant with the TD catch during SNF’s game solidified my weekly W.

Lastly, let’s quickly discuss Bye Weeks. Bye weeks start this upcoming week, Week 4. Once byes are introduced, the games get tougher in my opinion.  You have to strategically think whose your next best WR and RBs to cover your WR1 and RB2 during Bye weeks; try to refrain from drafting high potential players that share the same bye weeks, why? Well duh, you’d be fucked, prepare for the loss at that point.

On that note, I have nothing further to say. The Chargers suck, who would have thought the Browns would almost beat the Dolphins, and where the hell did the Bills defense come from?

xx Mega-Tron


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