Let’s talk Fantasy.

I don’t know about you, but I am on hot streak in Fantasy Football starting this season 2-0.  Would you believe that last year was my first season playing? I know, shocking, considering how big of a football fan I am. I was selfish, I couldn’t grasp that I had to root for other players on other teams, let alone pray our defense would give up a big play to one of my receivers while playing against my team. Sigh, it was a mind fuck. Though I have to say, with the Chargers being an absolute dumpster team last season, rooting against them wasn’t as difficult as I expected it to be.

cxrglgpu0aac-2hShort story, I won the league.  Yes, you heard me correctly, the girl who entered into a 12 man league, who has never played before, won the league. What an accomplishment, right? Let’s backtrack for a minute now.  The day we drafted I was pretty excited, I thought my squad looked solid and then the rankings were released: my team was ranked dead last, a solid F in the league (talk about embarrassing). It’s my first draft and my team’s ranked a fucking F! So of course I was cocky after winning the league, I had every right to trash talk and I enjoyed every minute of it, look who’s laughing now.

Fast forward, it’s a new season filled with outstanding rookies, vets on different teams and retired favorites (we miss you, Megatron).  I may be the reigning champ today, but it’s only Week 3 so we have a lot of games to play. All and all, a message to my ladies, play the game – feel out the league and don’t be intimidated – anyone can win The League.

xx Mega-Tron


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